Patent Docketing Jobs – Opportunities at your Doorstep

Patent docketing jobs are open to those intellectuals who have a passion for organizing and maintaining things. Docketing involves calendaring important tasks and legal deadlines. Also, it is a strict and efficient process, where a person handles multiple documents of different persons. Patent office deadlines are non-extendable and there is no scope to seek a remedy if you miss a deadline. Under such circumstances, accurate patent docketing comes into action for a strong IP prosecution system.

Patent Docketing Jobs – Education and Experience

To find and grab a patent docketing job one needs to have a strong background in the related arena. You can go for following courses to start and make a profound career in patent docketing:

  • With a diploma certificate of Intellectual Property Paralegal
  • Associate degree in Intellectual Property
  • Bachelor’s Degree in paralegal studies or LLB
  • Master’s Degree in paralegal studies or LLM
  • J.D. (Juris Doctor), Ph.D. (Doctorate in Philosophy) or Equivalent in Law and/or Paralegal studies.

One can start with their career with a diploma certificate (which is a minimum requirement) or can go till J.D. and Ph.D. Education got no boundaries!

Patent Docketing Jobs – Skills

The patent docketing jobs require peculiar skills for carrying out the tasks efficiently. An IP docketing specialist (also referred to as IP Docketing Coordinator, IP Docketing Database Administrator) need to have certain in-build or acquired abilities that will help in his/her day to day work activities. So, if you are looking for patent docketing jobs do ensure that you have or you must acquire these abilities.

  • Work in co-ordination with patent drafters
  • Strong observation.
  • Strong organizational and prioritization skills.
  • An eye for detail.
  • Ability to meet deadlines.
  • Solid data entry and word processing skills.
  • Is flexible and meets the changing requirements of attorneys, patent paralegals and clients.
  • Must know both- how to work in a team and independently.
  • Must have good verbal communication skills, excellent writing skills and an ability to work overtime.
  • Knowledge of computers and different operating systems and patent docketing software.
  • Able to handle large file-wrappers unassisted.

Patent Docketing Jobs – Job Description

  • You find patent docketing jobs in patent research firms and patent law firms. Therefore, a patent docketing specialist dockets incoming patent-related mails from the USPTO and other patent offices worldwide. Also, they route the mails to their clients and appropriate attorneys and/or paralegals for further action.
  • Since it is the responsibility of maintenance of documents; patent docketing specialists are responsible for maintaining IP databases with proper integrity.
  • Most importantly monitors all due-dates and meets the deadlines on time.
  • Monitors and de-dockets out-going patent-related mails directed to the USPTO, PCT (for international applications) and for individual foreign patent offices.
  • Other duties involve: copying, scanning and working closely with patent drafting team.

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Who Offers Patent Docketing Jobs?

After seeking the relevant patent docketing knowledge and skills, it is equally important to know where you can apply them. That is, it is important to know who’s going to offer you patent docketing jobs. IP law firms, patent offices’ (USPTO), work with individual lawyers, Intellectual Property Research Firms, and IP cells for various organizations.

Salary Statement of Patent Docketing Jobs

Salary of a docketing specialist is majorly dependent on two factors- Educational background and Work Experience. Here we are going to discuss the salary band for patent docketing specialists based on the educational background as a determining factor:

  • Intellectual Property Docket Specialist with a High School Diploma or Technical Certificates $62,202 – $67,901.
  • IP Docketing Specialist with an Associate degree in Intellectual Property $62,202 – $67,901
  • Intellectual Property Docket Specialist with a Bachelor’s Degree in paralegal studies or LLB is $62,486 – $68,274.
  • IP Docket Specialist with a Master’s Degree in paralegal studies or LLM is $62,486 – $68,274.
  • Intellectual Property Docket Specialist with a J.D. (Juris Doctor), Ph.D. (Doctorate in Philosophy) or Equivalent in Law and/or Paralegal studies is $62,912 – $68,834.

Salary of a docketing specialist depends on experience as well, but, it is a variable criterion. Your salary can fall within these pay-bands if you hold an experience of 2-3 years and is also dependent upon the firm offering the position.

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