Patent Docketing Software: Its Importance and Applications

Patent Docketing is a process of managing patent applications. In addition to managing Patent Applications, patent docketers also keep a track on the deadlines, due dates, updating the inventor the requirements as posed by the patent office. With the introduction of Patent docketing software the management of applications and documents associated with patent filing became a hassle-free task. Besides this, prompt fetching of the documents and updating the clients about the due dates has become an easy-to-do task.

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Note: The automated docketing software services are not 100% accurate. Hence, to ensure the integrity of the docket made through an automatic mode is always followed by manual docketing. Therefore, maintenance of a manual docket is must by expert paralegals.

Features of a good patent docketing software:

  • Complies with the patent laws of the country.
  • Reflects PTO file history in a chronological manner.
  • Is adaptable to one’s style of docketing.
  • Moreover, sends real-time alerts of important due dates and deadlines to clients and attorneys maintaining an effective workflow.
  • Generates customized reports.
  • Generates invoice for clients automatically upon completion of tasks.
  • Also, many PTOs provide real-time access to their docketing databases for filing related applications.
  • Availability of Software Interface in different languages.
  • The software is secure, robust and future ready.

Patent Docketing Software - Its Importance

Patent Docketing Software: Significance/Importance

People these days, are becoming more aware of protecting their inventions with a patent grant. Hence, it becomes important to handle client’s patent documents proficiently and to update them about the due-dates beforehand. Therefore, along with manual docketing, docketing software has come into practice to ease the process of docketing.

The Patent Docketing Software helps to increase the efficiency of IP firms and/or corporations by –

  • Providing easy access to the patent portfolios;
  • Locating particular patent applications;
  • Differentiating domestic and international patent applications of the inventor;
  • Locating old patent applications on just a click;
  • Increasing efficiency and saves time and money;
  • Providing intimation of due-dates to the clients and attorneys on time;
  • Maintaining a track of the inward and outward movement of the documents.

Patent Docketing Software: Applications

Patent Docketing Software maintains-

  • International and Domestic patent details;
  • Inventor’s details (Name, Contact details and Address);
  • Not only provides information of the agents but also attorneys associated with the inventor’s invention;
  • Locating Patents that are under the process of examination or prosecution;
  • Also, keeps a record of all the fee receipts received from the patent office.

What do we bring?

Our team of efficient patent docketing specialists makes sure to maintain our client’s patent portfolios are both in order and are accessible at the time of requirement. We ensure maintaining the authenticity of the information so provided by the client. Moreover, we provide double docketing solutions, reminders through email and/or phone, and updates regarding the necessities raised by the patent office to ensure a timely patent grant. Our expert docketers largely rely on their proficiency and on various dependable state-of-the-art-tools.To name a few-  IP Manager, Anaqua, Memotech, Docket Trak, Patricia, Inteum, IPfolio, Claim Master, DIAMS, Alt Legal and Equinox. Also, the practice of maintenance of a manual patent docket is religiously followed to ensure the credibility of the docket.

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