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Complete life-cycle management of patent portfolio

Our docketing services helps clients to manage and track patent portfolio using commercial docketing systems as well as platform independent delivery models. We maintain all the technical as well as legal documents associated with all the relevant emails, process and docket all the incoming emails, and send reminders at predefined intervals. We are serving our clients from 45+ countries, providing them with the best in class docketing services with our experienced and highly educated team of professionals, throughout the life-cycle of the patent process.

  • Robust data security and backup

    We ensure confidentiality and data redundancy.

  • Third party software integration

    Linked with a number of organizations offering us extra techno-legal support.

  • Bargain basement price range

    We offer the best in class services in minimal price range.

  • Client satisfaction guarantee

    Client's satisfaction is our top priority.



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