Patent Docketing Services

Our IP Patent Docketing Services are specially designed to support patent agents and patent attorneys at law firms or corporations.

Our patent docketing services allows the efficient management of the patent application process. It includes services to maintain track of all the important documents, deadlines, timelines, forms, drawings, and to manage, sort, and record details within a database. We help you manage and maintain all your pertaining documents without investing much of your precious time and energy.

Why Choose Us for IP docketing service?

  • 100% 4-eye quality check of each document docketed (100% manual quality check, robust quality audit process).
  • Ensured data security & docketing quality.
  • For each matter, we always verify foreign associates involved, applicants, country etc.
  • Three day TAT with option for one day TAT for urgent cases.
  • Access to an experienced talent pool of docketing specialists (Docketing specialists @PPD having responsibly managed a portfolio of ~6,500 worldwide patents and trademarks. We have identified almost 400 different types of documents that can be docketed.
  • Robust IT infrastructure (Lease Lines, Dedicated Servers, Chinese Walls through different VLAN, Robust Fireballs, experienced IT team)
  • Lowered cost and reduced risk

We have a professional team for patent docketing service that helps to maintain and take necessary actions, to meet deadlines pertaining to a patent application. We are also partnered with patent attorneys outside India that facilitates filing of patent applications outside India.

Punctual Actions

We ensure that all important dates regarding patent application are properly docketed in advance and alerts are given on time so that client does not even get close to rejection. As a leading patent docketing service provider, we keep the track of all the pre-filing, post-filing, post-grant dates and deadlines associated with our client’s patents and trademarks.

Plethora of Services for Online Patent Docketing

Our patent docketing services include processing, docketing and database updates for all incoming PTO actions and correspondence, due date reminders, and all outside counsel and global agent communications. Our patent docketing services also involve:

  • Record audit and accuracy checks,
  • Double docketing solutions,
  • Docket and Invoice reconciliation,
  • Email/Phone notification of reminders, etc.

Software Efficiency

We holds strong software support when comes to automation, which includes Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive, Excel or Client dedicated Software tools. Also, we have an in-house patent docketing software which can be customized as per requirements. PPD is Proficient in multiple jurisdictions including United States of America, PCT, EPO procedures, US related Applications (Foreign Filings).

Our Pricing Models for IP Docketing Service

we have two cost-effective pricing models – transactional (step-by-step) cost and per hour based cost structure.

Transactional pricing for patent docketing is –

  • For opening a matter in the docketing system – $11 (for each matter).
  • Docketing of each transaction in the system, report to the client – $10 (for each item).

To know our per hour pricing model, reach us here.

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