Importance of Patent Docketing Services

Patent Docketing is all about managing the patent applications and other related documents. Thousands of patent applications are received at the USPTO, law firms and patent research companies. This demands the patent docketing services be efficient in managing the applications and of the related documents.

Patent docketing services are indispensable for law firms and patent research organizations.  Files and statements in a patent application need a docket for their maintenance from point of patent filing till patent grant. A patent portfolio composed of detailed and specific information about the invention and the inventor. Additionally, legal fees (both due and paid) and client trust account no. details are also added.

Patent docketing involves managing the documents, sending reminders to the clients and attorneys of the upcoming deadlines. Along with this, docketers also keep scanned files of the documents, create templates for the same. They keep a log of all the e-mails received from the patent office (domestic and international PTOs and PCT offices).

What a Patent Docket contains?

Patent docket maintains patent portfolios. A patent portfolio has all the information about the inventor and his/her invention. Documents in the portfolio include- fee receipts, memos, drawings, specifications, etc. from the date of filing till all the proceedings. Patent docketer provides a docketing number which is a 25-digit long alphanumeric code uniquely identifies a patent application.

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Patent Docketing Services: Significance

  • A patent draft associates with itself a lot of paperwork. Patent Docketing Services provide an efficient system for tracking and retrieval of that particular document when required.
  • Insurance companies associated with law firms provide patent docketing services to the firms. This prevents the cases of malpractice suits if the law firm misses any deadline.
  • Efficient patent docketing services builds trust amongst the clients towards their attorneys. (A missed deadline can lead to rejection of the application which in turn result in lost trust of the client).

 Our Approach:

We, at Perfect Patent Docketing, provide 4-eye quality check/ 4-phase hierarchy check of the docketed information. This involves-ensured docketing quality by the professional, by the peer and final validation by the subject matter expert. Our team of experienced professionals ensures the maintenance and procurement of all the necessary documents. Moreover, we make sure to meet all the deadlines in order to get you a timely patent grant. We have a quick turn-around-time of 3 days with an option of 1-day turn-around-time for urgent cases for docketing and procurement of information. Our efficient team of docketers with an experience of managing 6500+ portfolios. They work with the state-of-the-art docketing tools providing efficient patent docketing services to our clients. For more information, please do visit our service page.

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