How Patent Docketing Works?

Patent docketing is a method or system for managing a patent application process. Organizing a large number of patent application task is a cumbersome process. Additionally, it is quite difficult to maintain a record of important documents, their timelines, deadlines, and reports, etc. without using any software tool.  Here, patent docketing comes into action by keeping a track record of all patent documents effectively.

Moreover, automatic patent docketing software also plays an important role in the docketing process. It maintains a record of audit logs, schedules, documents, alerts and many more. Few of the programs are customizable so that it can customize dates and particular documents associated with a specific patent.  Also, can process patents belonging to multiple countries. However, the extent of customization depends upon the budget and use of the law firm.

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 Patent Docketing Process:

A docketing process initiates at the moment application arrives in the law office along with the relevant documents. Listed below are the points for patent docketing process:

  • Initially, a docketing specialist assigns each document with details like name, file number followed by an updating scan and feeding each record into the software.
  • The docketers create templates and send documents to other law firms depending on the requirement.
  • Further, relevant details are updated into the database to give attorneys idea about submission and pendency of the documents.

It is true that in the docketing process, to manage docket all the patent law insurance needs patent law firms. The docket is a database of patent application documents that notify recent deadlines of the application process to the attorneys. The major objective of docketing is to avoid malpractice lawsuit if a law firm misses patent filing date leading to rejection by the USPTO. Moreover, many big insurance companies avail two patent docketing to ensure safety and reliability.

Our Approach for Patent Docketing:

We have an experienced team of professionals who deliver optimum and high-quality patent docketing solutions to our clients. Our professionals work with the objective of serving assured life-cycle management of a patent portfolio. With our 100% reliable docketing support, we help our clients prevent missing any of their legal prospects.  We have third-party software integration to offer extra techno-legal support to the clients. Moreover, we make it a point to ensure confidentiality and data redundancy using robust data security and backup system. To know more about our services, click here.

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