Why should you hire a Patent Docketing Specialist ?

A Patent docketing specialist acts as a helping hand for the lawyers in the Patent Docketing process. Lawyers who have a specialization in the patent law need some trained assistants. These assistants are Patent docketing specialist.

Patent docketing is a way to track and manage patent application. Also, there is a big amount of paperwork to do during the process. Moreover, patent docketing is either a method or a system for keeping an eye on all important dates, deadlines, timelines, drawings, and forms.

Some patent firms use customized software for maintaining these documents and other use docketing specialists, who perform the work manually.

Qualities of Patent Docketing Specialist:

A Patent Docketing specialist must contain certain qualities that allow him\her to perform productive working. A few responsibilities and key skills required are:

  • Good administrative working:

It is one of the most important aspects. A Patent Docketing Specialist must have the ability to read the work precisely and provide all the details. Also, he must work according to the fixed schedules. It is necessary to have a good command on common administrative tasks to maintain the patent-related tasks daily. Moreover, you must work comfortably on computers/software and accordingly manage the calendar.

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  • Organized Skills:

The docketing system totally works on organization. You may face a number of applications and dockets at a time, but it is necessary that the patent docketing specialist must remain organized. It is applied on both physical documentation and management of time frames of each patent that falls under your responsibility.

  • Patent-related Training:

It seems anyone who has an administrative framework is suitable for this job. However, it is more preferable to bring some patent training to working. You must have a proper idea of working on patents and their documentation. Moreover, you also require a college degree.

  • Capable of Performing Repetitive steps:

It is obvious that as a docketing expert you must follow similar steps for each patent that is handed to you. However, if you want to have a new experience every time then this is not your dream job. Patents include repetitive processes and you must perform similar steps again and again. It requires concentration and patience.

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