Patent Docketing: A Perfect Tool for Patent Management

Patent docketing is an efficient method generally used to manage patent applications by patent law firms. It is a recommended practice by USPTO as it helps inefficient management of patent applications. During the patent application process, a huge amount of paperwork is produced. An efficient patent docketing system comes to the rescue. Patent docketing helps the patent law firms manage the prosecution process, deadlines, and maintain a key record of applications. This is the crucial reason why law firms actively hire docketing specialists to manage the patent application records.

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Going through the patent application status, prosecution process, keeping up with the deadlines, and sorting out important documents is a cumbersome process. Patent docketing plays an important role in the process of patent prosecution. If an efficient patent docketing system and professional is not in place, the patent law firm or attorney will likely miss deadlines. This will ultimately cause a failure to receive patent protection.

Also read: Why Do Firms Need to Hire IP Docketing Specialists?

Why should you choose Patent Docketing?

  • The process of patent prosecution and application is complex and may take many years. Meanwhile, new patent applications also enter the system. This whole hectic process for the patent law firms gets easier with the help of a patent docketing system.
  • Patent docketing protects intellectual property and enhances creativity and innovation. This also boosts companies’ growth and ability to compete.
  • Patent docketing makes it easier for the firms to manage documents and keep a track of deadlines associated with the patent applications. It also gets easy for patent law firms to manage multiple applications at one time.
  • An efficient docketing system also provides notification of upcoming important dates. It also provides summary reports and informs about the current status of a patent application.
  • Docketing enhances automation and ultimately eliminates the need for manual work.
  • Patent docketing helps to keep the information secure and eliminates the risk of privacy breaches.  
  • An important feature of docketing is that it provides centralized data access that allows patent attorneys to view the complete patent portfolio in one place. The centralized access provides all the information related to prior patents, reports, copyrights, and lawsuits, in one place.
  • Docketing allows standardization between policies and workflow phases. The standardization enhances consistency and efficiency. It also helps to boosts the focus on the client’s specific requirements.
  • As docketing helps to store data in an electronic form, it is also quite helpful in quality and formatting improvement. This is possible by error fixation in huge patent portfolios.

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How is Patent Docketing done?

Patent docketing starts after the client hires a patent law firm to frame the patent application. Now, the docketer hired by the firm adds the new portfolio into the patent docketing system. The patent docketing specialist ensures to add detailed and precise information into the system. The information such as the client’s name, contact-related information, invention, industry type, and other important information is added into the system. Now, the patent docketing professional will scan the application copies, including forms, illustrations, and other additional documents. All these documents form a significant part of the client’s patent application portfolio.

Based on the application status, the docketing specialist adds certain information related to the timeline, filing fees, and due dates. Along with these details about the patent application, the fees already paid from the client and the client trust account number are also added into the docketing system. This ensures the smooth running and timely of the patent application process.

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