Top 5 Benefits of IP Docketing

It is very difficult to organize and maintain hundreds of patent applications at the same time for patent law firms. This is where IP docketing comes into play. IP docketing is a method or system for managing the patent application process. As patent applications go through approval processes, it is important to keep track of the numerous statements, drawings, forms, and documents. In fact, most law firms hire specialists to manage the patent docket system. Since each patent application can take up to several years, one enters more patents into the docketing system for better management.

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Importance of IP Docketing

IP docketing ensures that all the deadlines are met and ensures that all the documents are kept in the correct file. This helps the patent law firms to retrieve the documents anytime. We will discuss the importance of docketing below.

  1. Organizes documents in a proper manner:

The patent application process generates a great deal of paperwork. As this paperwork comes into the law office, it is the docketer’s job to correctly label each document with the file number. Patent dockets also include entering each document into a database so attorneys can easily identify all the documents in the application file. So, it organizes the documents in a proper manner thereby making it easier for attorneys to look at a particular patent application.

  1. Alert the firms to meet the deadline:

Docketing is one of the most important aspects of patent prosecution. The dockets alert attorneys to any upcoming deadlines in the application process. A patent attorney may need to see if any deadlines are coming up for filing a piece of paperwork with the USPTO.

One can use the docketing database to alert them of filing the documents within deadlines. Without it, people who employ patent attorneys will likely miss deadlines, and ultimately fail to receive patent protection. The fee to reinstate a previously failed application is $1620 for larger companies and around half that for smaller entities.

However, once the attorney misses the deadline, the likelihood that the client will continue working with him or her is very small. So, for law firms operating in this area, a docketing system is one of their most important features.

  1. Insurance requirements:

All patent law insurance carriers require patent law firms to maintain a docket that stores the patent application documents. This is to prevent malpractice lawsuits when a law firm misses a filing date thereby causing a patent rejection by the USPTO. Many insurance carriers require, not one, but two dockets, in which two different people in the firm enter and calculate the deadlines.

  1. Easy to use:

There are many different types of software available to manage the IP docketing process. Some programs allow for free text so that docketers can enter any information into the system as they see fit. Other programs calculate the due dates for docketers so that they won’t have to manually do so. Some systems have audit logs to identify the time of portfolio editing. So, the software tools make it easy for patent law firms to search for the information efficiently in a timely manner.

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  1. Electronic Docketing Platform:

  • Electronic docketing platforms offer centralized data access, which allows patent agents and attorneys to see the whole patent portfolio. This may include prior patents, trademarks, copyrights, any related lawsuits, and the connections between them.
  • Docketing platforms provide standardization between policies and workflow stages. This allows for greater consistency and efficiency, focusing on the needs of each client. One needs to update the platform regularly as laws change globally.
  • Electronic data can improve the quality of the data because it allows users to fix errors in large portfolios of patents. Patent attorneys and agents can download all prosecution data from the USPTO as well as other patent offices. Anyone with access to this information has the ability to eliminate errors and improve the formatting of each record.

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