Why should you hire an IP Docketing Specialist?

Maintaining all the documents is a complex task when filing an application to protect your IP. This is why an IP docketing specialist exists. Regardless of whether it is a patent or a trademark, filing an application with the USPTO isn’t a straightforward task. A huge contributing factor to the complication is the number of documents to look after.

Hence, the role of an IP docketing specialist becomes an integral part of any firm because they simplify the task of managing various patent applications.

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IP Docketing Specialist: Their Profile and Importance

The Profile

These are specialists who manage IP related application processes. During the entire patent/trademark process, there is a lot of communication taking place. Therefore, this is on top of the existing set of paperwork which is a necessary requirement of the USPTO. It involves keeping track of a vast variety of information such as forms, client’s name, contact information, invention, etc. Now, we will explain the importance of an IP docketing specialist in detail down below.


We have seen what an IP docketing specialist does. Now, let’s see what exactly makes it absolutely important. It’s very crucial for patent law firms because:

  • A patent application comprises several documents such as forms, drawings, etc which need intensive care while managing the applications.
  • Every law firm has multiple clients, and each client will have their own patent application(s). Without a proper resource, keeping track of all the patent applications becomes incredibly complex.
  • A good docketing specialist ensures streamlining of the entire system so that the management of the applications becomes smooth.

Therefore, to ensure smooth management of this data, hiring an IP docketing specialist is a wise decision. Also, check out Patent Docketing Needs in the IP Lifecycle.

IP Docketing Specialist: Responsibilities

You understand the importance of an IP docketing specialist. Let’s see their responsibilities.

  • Maintaining a proper docketing system to streamline work.
  • Creation and maintenance of a separate portfolio for every application are crucial.
  • The data entries should be very specific and precise. This information should include:
    1. Client’s name
    2. Client’s contact information
    3. Invention
    4. Type of industry it serves
    5. Digital copies of the application, forms, drawings, etc.
    6. Status of application
    7. Deadlines and due dates
  • Ensuring all the legal fees and their payment status for different applications has proper records in the system.
  • The system should provide standardization to maintain a consistent workflow and allow updating each and every patent application when applicable.
  • The flexibility of the docketing system itself is very crucial. Patent law firms should look for a docketing system that allows free text. The purpose is to allow entry of notes into each portfolio explaining where the application is still in the process.

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Need Patent Docketing Services? – Perfect Patent Docketing

Patents are elaborate documents and thus, we need to ensure that each of the adjoining documents is in place. All the deadlines for various steps are very important, and any mistakes can prove to be costly. Handling this information along with the entire procedure itself is a difficult process, and hiring a professional patent docketing service is wise.

Our docketing services help clients to manage and track patent portfolio using commercial docketing systems as well as platform-independent delivery models. We maintain all the technical as well as legal documents associated with all the relevant emails, process and docket all the incoming emails, and send reminders at predefined intervals.

Visit the Perfect Patent Docketing services to avail our services.

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