Most Important Points About Patent Docketing Systems

Maintaining all the documents is a complex task when filing a patent application, which is why patent docketing systems exist. Filing an application with the USPTO isn’t a straightforward task, especially because of the number of documents to look after.  Inventors often hire a law firm to assist them with the patent prosecution, but the law firm has multiple clients. They need to keep track of each and every application, its documents, and its deadlines. Hence, patent docketing systems become an integral part of any firm because they simplify the task of managing various patent applications.

This article explains all the key points about patent docketing systems.

Patent Docketing Systems: Definition and Importance


These are systems for managing the patent application process. It involves keeping track of a vast variety of information such as forms, client’s name, contact information, invention, etc. But this is not all of it, and we will explain the entire docketing system in detail down below.


We have seen what a patent docketing system is. Now, let’s see what exactly makes it absolutely important. It’s very crucial for patent law firms because:

  • A patent application comprises of several documents such as forms, drawings, etc which need intensive care while managing the applications.
  • Every law firm has multiple clients, and each client will have their own patent application(s). Without a proper system, keeping track of all the patent applications becomes incredibly complex.
  • A strong docketing system ensures streamlining of the entire system so that management of the applications becomes smooth.

Therefore, to ensure smooth management of this data, using patent docketing systems is a wise decision. Also, check out Patent Docketing Needs in the IP Lifecycle.

Patent Docketing Systems: Guidelines to Follow

You understand the importance of patent docketing systems. Let’s see the guidelines that you need to keep in mind while maintaining such a system.

  • Creation and maintenance of a separate portfolio for every application is crucial.
  • The data entries should be very specific and precise. This information should include:
    • Client’s name
    • Client’s contact information
    • Invention
    • Type of industry it serves
    • Digital copies of the application, forms, drawings, etc.
    • Status of application
    • Deadlines and due dates
  • Ensuring all the legal fees and their payment status for different applications has proper records in the system.
  • The system should provide standardization to maintain a consistent workflow and allow updating each and every patent application when applicable.
  • The flexibility of the docketing system itself is very crucial. Patent law firms should look for a docketing system that allows free text. The purpose is to allow entry of notes into each portfolio explaining where the application is still in the process.

Among patent docketing systems, here is a good example:

Anaqua- A Patent Docketing Software

Anaqua: A Patent Docketing Software

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Protection of Intellectual Property

Inventors get patents for inventions to protect their intellectual property. We all know that the patent prosecution process itself is a very expensive affair. Hence, it’s important to manage portfolios and patent applications with the least possible expenses. This includes all patents’ commercial value. You should drop patents that have no commercial value, which saves on expenses. Dropping such applications also helps with managing the system more efficiently.

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Need Patent Docketing Services? – Perfect Patent Docketing

Patents are elaborate documents and thus, we need to ensure that each of the adjoining documents is in place. All the deadlines for various steps are very important, and any mistakes can prove to be costly. Handling this information along with the entire procedure itself is a difficult process, and hiring a professional patent docketing service is wise.

Perfect Patent Docketing ensures a 4-eye quality check of each document. We ensure data security and offer premium docketing quality through our robust IT infrastructure. Our promise is a lightning fast TAT, keeping specific demands of the customer in mind. We offer docketing services at affordable prices with the best quality of outputs as well.

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