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In the simplest terms, patent docketing is a method that securely manages a patent application process. Various patent law firms follow this tried-and-tested method. Filing a patent is a complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, applicants need to organise their patent applications properly. Moreover, patent applications include various documents. On the one hand, the USPTO guidelines make a patent filing process secure. These guidelines may increase the work of applicants patenting their inventions. Usually, patent law firms have several clients from different parts of the world. Therefore, it becomes quite complicated to manage the patent applications of numerous applicants. In this case the patent application process may collapse without a robust docketing system. As a result, several clients have to suffer financial losses. Moreover, patent law firms may lose business as well as clients. Therefore, patent law firms should use a reliable docketing system.

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Patent Docketing: Insider

A patent docketing process starts once a client hires a patent law firm. A dedicated docketing specialist at the firm remains in direct contact with the client every time. He/she asks for the necessary documents from the client and creates a portfolio of him. The portfolio of the client is managed properly because of various state-of-the-art tools and software. Usually, patent law firms centralise the patent application process. As a result, clients can view their patent application process anytime. However, several patent law firms manually input clients’ data after completing a step in the patent application process. This is a time-consuming method and prone to errors. Therefore, patent law firms must adopt new technologies to make their docketing system flexible. A docketing system manages the client’s patent application process until the client gets a patent grant. Moreover, the docketing system reminds clients about the important dates, deadlines, and steps.

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Why Do Patent Law Firms Need Good Docketing Software?

Patent law firms have to deal with many clients from various parts of the world. Also, a single patent application consists of several important documents. Therefore, patent law firms must have a reliable and secure database. This database can provide storage and maintain the documents properly. A good  docketing software offers a robust database and easy-to-use interface. The important features of good docketing software are:

  • It minimizes the manual entry of client information.
  • A client or docketing specialist can view the patent application anytime.
  • Also, it generates reports and tells about the current state of a patent application.
  • It has space enough to store the documents of clients.
  • Moreover, docketing software is available in multiple languages.
  • Docketing software generates an invoice after the completion of a patent grant process.
  • Also, it notifies clients and docketing specialists of important dates and documents.

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Advantages of Patent Docketing

Docketing specialists manage applications of clients through docketing software and tools. Now, let’s look at the advantages of patent docketing. These advantages may help patent law firm grow in the market. Also, having a robust docketing system, patent law firms may get following advantages:

  • Patent law firms can easily manage multiple patent applications simultaneously,
  • Save clients’ confidential information in a secured manner,
  • Keep track of clients’ patent application process,
  • Also, get notifications of important dates from a docketing system,
  • Moreover, generate instance reports anytime,
  • Minimizes manual work and implement automation,
  • And work according to the USPTO

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Perfect Patent Docketing May Assist You

Perfect Patent Docketing (PPD) is a patent firm that may fulfil your docketing needs. PPD is based out of the U.S. The company efficiently manages patent application processes of clients from various countries. We, PPD, have a plethora of software that includes Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive, Excel or Client dedicated Software tools. These state-of-the-art tools and software are reliable and manage multiple patent application processes simultaneously. Moreover, we can customize our in-house docketing software as per client requirements.

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