Patent Docketing: A Perfect Tool for Patent Management

Patent docketing is an efficient method generally used to manage patent applications by patent law firms. It is a recommended practice by USPTO as it helps inefficient management of patent applications. During the patent application process, a huge amount of paperwork is produced. An efficient patent docketing system comes to the rescue. Patent docketing helps[…]

Patent Portfolio And Its Importance

Patent Portfolio and its Importance

Even after getting a grant for your patent, there are a lot of things to be done for the patent. Patent maintenance, patent monetization, maintain the patent portfolio are among them. It is very important to keep track of various activities related to the patent such as meeting deadlines, managing records, and tracking important patent-related documents.   A company or an individual may hold more[…]

Everything about Patent Docketing

Everything about Patent Docketing

In the simplest terms, patent docketing is a method that securely manages a patent application process. Various patent law firms follow this tried-and-tested method. Filing a patent is a complex and time-consuming process. Therefore, applicants need to organise their patent applications properly. Moreover, patent applications include various documents. On the one hand, the USPTO guidelines[…]

Patent Docketing Software

Patent Docketing Software: Its Importance and Applications

Patent Docketing is a process of managing patent applications. In addition to managing Patent Applications, patent docketers also keep a track on the deadlines, due dates, updating the inventor the requirements as posed by the patent office. With the introduction of Patent docketing software the management of applications and documents associated with patent filing became[…]

A How-to Patent Portfolio Management

A How-to Patent Portfolio Management

The process of synchronizing a company’s patent strategy with its product strategy is called patent portfolio management. Moreover, the patent portfolio is a crucial part of the overall value of a corporation. One must fully measure the true value of a patent portfolio in order to get the actual value of the company’s patents. In[…]