IP Docketing: A Brief Insight

IP docketing, in its most basic form, is a way for securely managing the patent application process. This tried-and-true strategy is used by a number of patent law companies. A patent application is a time-consuming and complicated process. As a result, applicants must appropriately organise their patent applications. Furthermore, patent applications contain a variety of papers. On the one hand, the USPTO guidelines make a patent filing process secure. These guidelines may make it more difficult for applicants to patent their discoveries.

Typically, patent law firms have a number of clients from all over the world. As a result, managing the patent applications of multiple applicants becomes rather difficult. Without a robust docketing mechanism, the patent application process may collapse in this instance. As a result, a number of customers have to bear financial losses. Furthermore, patent law businesses may lose both revenue and clients. Patent law businesses should therefore utilise a dependable docketing system.

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IP Docketing: What is It?

When a customer joins a patent law firm, the IP docketing procedure begins. Every time, a dedicated docketing specialist from the firm communicates directly with the customer. He/she asks the customer for the appropriate documents and compiles a portfolio of him. The client’s portfolio is well-managed thanks to a variety of cutting-edge tools and software. The patent application process is usually centralised by patent law companies. As a result, clients may track the progress of their patent applications at any moment. However, after completing a step in the patent application process, numerous patent law firms manually input customers’ data.

This is a time-consuming and error-prone procedure. As a result, patent law companies must embrace new technology in order to make their docketing system more adaptable. A docketing system keeps track of everything. A docketing system manages the client’s patent application process until the client gets a patent grant. Moreover, the docketing system reminds clients about the important dates, deadlines, and steps.

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Benefits of IP Docketing

Client applications are managed by docketing specialists using docketing software and tools. Let’s take a look at the benefits of IP docketing now. These benefits may aid in the growth of a patent law company in the market. Patent legal businesses may also benefit from having a sophisticated docketing system, which includes the following:

  • Patent law firms can easily manage multiple patent applications simultaneously,
  • Save clients’ confidential information in a secured manner,
  • Keep track of clients’ patent application process,
  • Also, get notifications of important dates from a docketing system,
  • Moreover, generate instance reports anytime,
  • Minimizes manual work and implement automation,
  • And work according to the USPTO

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Patent Law Firms and the Docketing Software

Patent law businesses deal with a wide range of clients from all over the world. A single patent application also contains a number of significant documents. As a result, patent law companies require a secure and dependable database. This database is capable of effectively storing and maintaining documents. A decent docketing programme will have a large database and an easy-to-use interface. The following are crucial characteristics of good docketing software:

  • It minimizes the manual entry of client information.
  • A client or docketing specialist can view the patent application anytime.
  • Also, it generates reports and tells about the current state of a patent application.
  • It has space enough to store the documents of clients.
  • Moreover, docketing software is available in multiple languages.
  • Docketing software generates an invoice after the completion of a patent grant process.
  • Also, it notifies clients and docketing specialists of important dates and documents.

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Services with Perfect Patent Docketing

Perfect Patent Docketing (PPD) is a patent firm that could be able to help you with your docketing requirements. PPD is based in the United States. The firm effectively administers the patent applications of clients from numerous nations. PPD has a wide range of software, including Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive, Excel, and client-specific applications. These cutting-edge tools and software are dependable and can handle many patent application processes at the same time. Furthermore, we may design our in-house docketing software to meet the needs of our clients.

You may want to use our affordable services. If yes, visit Perfect Patent Docketing.

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