Why Do Firms Need to Hire IP Docketing Specialists? 

Even the most experienced patent law firms find it hard to organize and maintain thousands of patent application documents. That’s where an IP docketing specialist can help. IP docketing is the process of managing different stages of the patent application process.

When patent applications undergo approval processes, there are countless details that need tracking – statements from patent offices, patent drawings, filling forms, etc. High-quality IP docketing helps patent applicants correctly store their files and meet their deadlines on time.

A highly qualified IP docketing specialist will –

  • Organize all the paperwork generated during the patent application processes; label each document with appropriate file numbers. These documents are then entered into databases so that they can be easily accessed by patentees or their patent attorneys.
  • IP docketing experts alert attorneys and patentees about upcoming deadlines in their application processes. They make sure their clients never miss deadlines or ay unnecessary fines.
  • These experts use electronic docketing platforms to allow patent agents and attorneys to access their entire patent portfolios at all times via centralized data access points. Be it lawsuits, copyright issues, or anything else related to the patent application process – docketing experts format and update all their clients’ records on time.
  • IP docketing experts ensure that all the legal fees are paid on time. They constantly update the payment statuses of each patent application process. They send timely alerts to their clients so that they don’t have to deal with unnecessary fines or delays.

The Rising Demand for IP Docketing Specialists

Technically, firms can avoid hiring IP docketing experts and opt for technological solutions like software tools that allow users to manage their own IP docketing processes. But, maintaining dockets that store all patent application documents is not as easy as it sounds.

Error-Free Services

Although software tools make it easier for patent law firms to look up any patent-related information in their databases in a timely manner, these tools don’t help them with other important tasks during the patent application process. For example, it’s not possible for patent owners or patent attorneys to keep track of vast varieties of information such as filing forms, clients’ names, contact information, etc.

High-quality docketing specialists always streamline the entire docketing system so that the management of the patent applications becomes as smooth as possible. Their smooth management of data is vital for error-free patent portfolio tracking.

Insurance Company Requirements

All patent law insurance carriers compel patent law firms to maintain highly accurate patent dockets. If they don’t, the patent law insurance carriers can face malpractice lawsuits if the patent application is rejected by patent offices. That’s why if you’re a patent applicant or a patent law firm that doesn’t employ IP docketing experts, no patent law insurance carrier will want to work with you.

Patents, technical patents, in particular, are elaborate documents. In patent application processes, each deadline is very important. Mistakes can prove to be unbelievably costly in the long run. That’s why hiring professional patent docketing experts is considered a wise business investment by so many companies.

Why Choose Perfect Patent Docketing?

Perfect Patent Docketing (PPD) is a patent firm that could be able to help you with your docketing requirements. PPD is based in the United States. The firm effectively administers the patent applications of clients from numerous nations. PPD has a wide range of software, including Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive, Excel, and client-specific applications. These cutting-edge tools and software are dependable and can handle many patent application processes at the same time. Furthermore, we may design our in-house docketing software to meet the needs of our clients.

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