Need of Patent Docketing in IP Lifecycle

Before learning about management of various patent related documents, let’s first understand about the meaning and importance of patent docketing in IP lifecycle. Organizing hundreds of patent applications at the same time is a great deal for patent law firms.

There are a lot of important documents, their deadlines and timelines, reports, etc associated with the patent process. Since, keeping a track of all of it becomes hectic without using any software tool. The role of Patent docketing in IP Lifecycle is to simplify the management of the patent application process. Patent docketing services are provided to maintain track of all the important documents.

There is a huge need to maintain deadlines, timelines, forms, drawings, and to manage, sort, and record details within a database. Therefore, large number of patent law firms, even hires docketing specialists to keep track of their important assets. Customization on demands and requirement depends upon the budget and usage of the law firm. All patent law insurance requires patent law firms to maintain a docket. A docket is a database that stores the patent application documents and alerts attorneys to any upcoming deadlines in the application process.

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How important patent docketing in IP Lifecycle?

The following are some of the major reasons that depict the importance of proper patent docketing in IP lifecycle:

  • It identifies the important aspects and their consecutive actions in IP prosecution.
  • It is more than simply a data entry work, since it calculates the response due date to notify the filer on time.
  • The docketing process may or may not be handled through software. In case if there is no software, the docketer must familiarize with all the actions and interpretations of the tasks.
  • The docketer requires skill, legal knowledge, eyes-for-detail, IP prosecution knowledge, and quick response to analyze actions on correct time, without any delay.
  • It prevents malpractice lawsuits when a law firm misses a filing date, causing rejection by the USPTO.
  • Also, in many cases to double check the work of docketer and ensure full safety. Some insurance companies even maintain two dockets for better management.

We will manage all your tasks!

At Patent Perfect Docketing, we maintain and take necessary actions, to meet deadlines pertaining to a patent application, with the help of our docketing expert team. Our company has partnership with patent attorneys outside India that facilitates filing of patent applications outside India. Also, we ensure that all important dates regarding patent application are properly docketed in advance and alerts are given on time. This is to ensure that client does not even get close to rejection. We keep the track of all the pre-filing, post-filing, post-grant dates and deadlines associated with our client’s patents and trademarks.

Patent filers need to hire a docketing expert to ensure timely delivery and alerts for maintaining respective records, so that all the deadlines are met and all documents are labelled and kept in the correct file, so they can be retrieved when required. If you need our help, please visit our service page.

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