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Before learning about management of various patent details and related documents, let’s first understand about the literal meaning of patent docketing. Organizing hundreds of patent applications at the same time is a great deal for patent law firms. It is difficult to keep track of a number of important documents, their deadlines and timelines, reports, etc., without using any software tool. Patent docketing simplifies the management of the patent application process. Patent docketing services are provided to maintain track of all the important documents, deadlines, timelines, forms, drawings, and to manage, sort, and record details within a database. Large number of patent law firms, even hires docketing specialists to keep track of their important assets that can process patents from multiple countries. Customization on demands and requirement depends upon the budget and usage of the law firm. All patent law insurance requires patent law firms to maintain a docket. A docket is a database that stores the patent application documents and alerts attorneys to any upcoming deadlines in the application process.

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