How to use Patent Docketing System?

It is very difficult to organize and maintain hundreds of patent applications at the same time for patent law firms. This is where the patent docketing system comes into play.

Patent docketing system is a method for managing the patent application process. Files and statements in a patent application need a docket for their maintenance from point of patent filing till patent grant.

Patent docketing services are indispensable for law firms and patent research organizations. Hence, patent docketing system becomes an integral part of any firm because they simplify the task of managing various patent applications.

Essentials of Patent Docketing System

The patent docketing system or process includes entering each patent document into a database. This helps the patent law firms to retrieve the documents anytime. We will discuss the importance of patent docketing system below.

  • Organizes documents in a proper manner

The patent application process generates a great deal of paperwork. As this paperwork comes into the law office, it is the docketer’s job to correctly label each document with the file number. Patent dockets also include entering each document into a database so attorneys can easily identify all the documents in the application file. So, it organizes the documents in a proper manner thereby making it easier for attorneys to look at a particular patent application.

  • Docketing Software

There is a great deal of specialized patent docketing software available to manage the patent docket process. Programs can track actions and calculate due dates, as well as keep track of documents, schedules, audit logs and alerts. Most software programs also allow the docketer to add custom dates and documents that associate with a particular patent. There are many programs that can keep track of dates for patent applications in multiple countries.

But, note that a software cannot replace the manual approach of keeping a check on the precise maintenance of the patent docketing database.

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  • Insurance requirements

All patent law insurance carriers require patent law firms to maintain a docket that stores the patent application documents. This is to prevent malpractice lawsuits when a law firm misses a filing date thereby causing a patent rejection by the USPTO. Many insurance carriers require, not one, but two dockets. This allows two different people in the firm enter and calculate the deadlines.

  • Reporting

This is one of the most important points of getting docketing services. IP docketing system continues to remain a challenge for many IP entities. This is due to a lack of ability to create and present information. To address the challenge, there are several docketing platforms that provide more advanced reporting and quality data. One can access this data from multiple sources in various formats.

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  • Flexibility

The docketing tool provides flexibility in terms of the implementation of best practices rather than complying with rigid and predefined processes. Hence, enhancing the working ease of the system.


The most significant use of patent docketing systems for law firms that deal in patent law who handle hundreds of patent cases at a time.  Since, each patent application can take years to make its way through the USPTO system to get a patent grant. Also, there are many filing deadlines and statements to keep track of. Therefore, patent docketing ensures that all the documents are kept in the correct file in order to retrieve them in future.

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