The Importance of Patent Docket

A patent docket is a method or system for tracking the progress of a patent application. Docketing is an important tool for patent law firms because keeping track of all patent applications for customers can be onerous. To administer the patent docket system, most law firms engage docketing professionals. Because patent applications can take years to process, more and more patents are being filed into to the docketing system in order to better manage them.

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Patent Docket Systems: The Guidelines

You understand the importance of patent docket systems. Let’s see the guidelines that you need to keep in mind while maintaining such a system.

  • The creation and maintenance of a separate portfolio for every application is crucial.
  • The data entries should be very specific and precise. This information should include:
  1. Client’s name
  2. Client’s contact information
  3. Invention
  4. Type of industry it serves
  5. Digital copies of the application, forms, drawings, etc.
  6. Status of application
  7. Deadlines and due dates
  • Ensuring all the legal fees and their payment status for different applications has proper records in the system.
  • The system should provide standardization to maintain a consistent workflow and allow updating each and every patent application when applicable.
  • The flexibility of the docketing system itself is very crucial. Patent law firms should look for a docketing system that allows free text. The purpose is to allow entry of notes into each portfolio explaining where the application is still in the process.

We’ll go over some of the most important applications of patent docket systems. Patent law companies may handle hundreds of patent cases at any given time. It can take years for a patent application to make its way through the USPTO system and be granted. There are numerous filing deadlines and statements to keep track of as the patent application progresses through the approval process. Patent docketing ensures that all documents are filed in the relevant folder so that they can be found later.


The filing of a patent creates a significant amount of paperwork. The docketers’ task is to appropriately label each document with the file number as it enters the law office. The docketer’s responsibility is to file it in the appropriate section of the electronic or paper patent file. The patent docket also entails storing each document in a database so that attorneys can quickly see a list of all papers. As a result, each application file and any dates related with each document may be easily checked. A patent attorney, for example, may need to check to see if any deadlines for filing documents with the USPTO are approaching. The docketing database can be utilised to get a notification of pending filings. Docketers must also scan copies of documents; create templates and forward documents to other law firms.

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Insurance Requirements:

One of the most crucial aspects of the patent docket system is this. All patent law insurance companies mandate that patent law firms keep a docket where the patent application documents are kept. In the application process, it is also necessary to get notifications of any forthcoming deadlines. This is to avoid malpractice litigation if a law firm misses a filing deadline and the USPTO rejects a patent application. Many insurance companies need not one, but two dockets, in which the deadline is calculated by two distinct employees in the company.

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There is a great deal of specialized patent docketing software available to manage the patent docket process. Programs can track actions and calculate due dates, as well as keep track of documents, schedules, audit logs, and alerts. Most software programs also allow the docketer to add custom dates and documents that associate with a particular patent. There are many programs that can keep track of dates for patent applications in multiple countries.

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