What is the need for a Docketing System?

A patent docketing system is used to manage the patent application process. A single patent application may take several years and more patents are entered into the docketing system during this time. Here, the docketing system proves useful for the patent law firms, because it is really difficult to keep a track of all the patent applications. Thus, many law firms hire docketing specialists or agents for managing the docketing system.

What’s inside a Docketing System?

The patent application process contains a lot of paperwork. It is the job of a docketer to label each document correctly with the correct file number. The Patent docketing system also includes storing each document into a database. This allows the attorneys to easily find a list of documents and dates related to these documents.

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Patent Docketing Software:

Docketing is an important tool for the patent law firm that organizes the patent application process with the help of a software package or system. Also, it keeps a track of deadlines and a number of documents involved. There is a variety of patent docketing software available in the market. Some of the basic features of the software are:

  • Allowing free text: Helps the docketer to enter useful information into the system.
  • Calculation of due dates: Saves manual labor, time and avoids the error.
  • Audit logs: For identification of date and time of portfolio edit.

Some of the state-of-the-art software that we use include – Foundation IP, Anaqua, Memotech, Share drive.

Thus, it becomes important for patent law firms to research different software available and opt for the right one.

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What is the need for Docketing?

The docketing system is one of the most crucial patent prosecution aspects. Even qualified patent attorneys are likely to miss the deadlines without the help of a docketing system. This ultimately results in failing to receive patent protection. The reinstating fee for a failed application that missed a deadline is $1620 for big firms. However, for small firms it is around half the amount. Also, the likelihood of a client to work with an attorney that missed a deadline is very low. Thus, this system is one of the most important features for law firms working in this field.

Some other factors that the law firms must take care of while maintaining patent portfolios are:

  • Law firms must be aware of the commercial value of the invention. The legal fees related to the patent application may be higher if the commercial value is high.
  • They must ensure to enter all legal fees related to the managing and prosecuting of the patent application into the portfolios.
  • Proper calibration is very important. This allows law firms to maintain consistency in the workflow and update all patent applications timely.
  • There must be a certain level of flexibility. The Patent law firms must go with a system that allows users of free text to enter notes into each patent portfolio. It may help to explain the status of the application in the process.
  • It is very important to improve the data quality of all patent portfolios. The docketers ensure proper storage of every document, no errors, due dates, and entry of legal fees. This allows the patent attorneys to know about the coming deadlines.

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Law firms need to handle a number of patent cases at a particular time. A single patent application may take several years to clear through the USPTO (The United States Patent and Trademark Office) system and obtain a patent. You must keep a track of many technical aspects such as forms, filing deadlines, statements, and drawings at the time of patent prosecution. Here, the Patent docketing system ensures that you meet all the deadlines and label every document and keep it in the correct file.

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